Colorful handmade embroidery adorns this beautiful, handwoven fabric

Size: marked as XL, fits like women's L


Hand embroidered women's shirt

  • Backstrap loom weaving is a beautiful, artistic cultural tradition that has been passed down through generations in the communities of Guatemala.  This shirt was hand made and then embroidered with this beautiful design.

    The process to create the fabric begins when the cotton is organically grown and had spun into thread.  Then, using locally sourced, natural items, the women hand dye the thread into vibrant colors.  The thread is hand woven on a backstrap loom into patterns that reflect the close connection to nature and symbols of the Mayan culture.  

    This intricate process can take three weeks or more depending on the size and complexity of the design.  Your purchase directly supports the work of Mayanza in Santiago Atitian to improve the health of this community by providing health education and resources.

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