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Despite the difficulties of 2020, Mayanza has continued to make an important impact on the community of Santiago Atitlan.


Oral Health and Hygiene

Our team conducted dental disease screenings, applied fluoride varnish and provided hygiene supplies for nearly 550 children.


Dental treatment program for children: Following the dental screenings, 142 school children received restorative dental care, facilitated by grant support from The Oral Health Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy and in collaboration with dentists and dental students from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala.

Restorative dental care provided:

  • 172 fillings

  • 154 extractions

  • 29 cleanings

  • 149 sealants

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Health Education

Health educator Lola Atjujal Chiviliu started the school year teaching health education topics including hygiene, nutrition, physical education, and disease prevention. Schools closed in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Lola will continue these activities in 2021 for her fourth year with Mayanza.


Anemia Program

In February, our team of health care providers, students and volunteers provided health screenings to almost 550 students in our four partner schools. Over time, screenings of hemoglobin levels have indicated a large decline in the prevalence of anemia in the community.

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Diabetes Prevention

The first group of 12 women graduated from our diabetes prevention program. The women learned about nutrition, physical education, diabetes prevention, stress management and goal setting. These women will go on to share the knowledge they have gained for the benefit of the broader community.

A second group of 12 women were recruited and started the diabetes prevention program online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the course faced delays and other challenges, we plan to resume the program fully in 2021.


Community Health Outreach Program

In 2020, we hosted Community Health Fairs at four partner schools and provided health education and supplies to over 360 people. Based on a needs assessment, topics included oral and hand hygiene, nutrition, diabetes and anemia prevention, exercise, reproductive health and mental health. Financial support was provided by the PA Foundation Robert K. Pedersen Global Outreach Grant.

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