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These Blue Daisy Chain Earrings are a whimsical addition to any jewelry collection. Handmade by indigenous women, each earring features a delicate chain of blue daisy flowers that sway beautifully with every movement. Not only do these earrings add a touch of bohemian charm to any outfit, but they also support a worthy cause by empowering women through fair trade. Perfect for the free-spirited woman who values both style and social responsibility.

Blue Daisy Chain Earrings

  • In addition to minding their children, taking care of their homes, and preparing homemade meals, the Maya women of Santiago Atitlan also work hard to earn money to help support their families.  Your purchase of beaded jewelry, keychains and holiday ornaments helps to support their children at school with education costs.

  • The cost of shipping is included with your purchase.

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